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By RenÚ

Science is supposed to be fueled by proof. However, since World War Two heavily credentialed academic gas bags have run the show. For the last twenty years, I have submitted portions of my work to these gas bags and not receieved a single receipt of the material let alone has anyone duplicated any of my experiments nor checked a simple calculation.

RenÚs' Scientific Discoveries & Theories.

  1. Mathematical Proof
    1. My "Unproof of Newtonian Gravity" was one of my first. Using the Newtonian Formula, the listed gravitational constant and the accepted masses, and distances of Sun, Earth & Moon, I found that during New Moon, the Sun's attraction for the Moon Is almost 3 times that of the Earth. Therefore, once every month the Moon, obeying the stronger force, should cease orbiting the Earth and head toward the Sun. It doesn't!

      Another physisist gas bag working for the National Science Foundation told me my Unproof of Gravity I was wrong because the Sun also pulls on the Earth. In other words you can no longer isolate forces in Physics. If this is the case every force table experiment must be discredited.

    2. While examining Newton's gravity I found that most rock strata underlying a 1,000 foot cliff should collapse. One cubic foot of rock weighs about 100 pounds therefore a square foot of the overlying rocks weigh about 100,000 pounds which exceeds the known bearing capacity of those rocks which is usually in the 20,000 pounds per square foot range.
    3. From studies and simple experiments I concluded that Newton's Equatorial Bulge could not exist. A bulge would cause a shift in latitude from a perfect sphere and using a super accurate transit I shot the stars. I discovered that if there is a bulge it can be no larger than a few hundred yards high which destroys Newton's miles high bulge.
    4. A decade back, astronomical gas bags claimed that exploding stars oscillate between a football shape and a pancake while they collapse and explode at the same time. I tested this lie against Einstein's statement that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. The star would have to be very tiny and the ocillation very slow in order not to have its surface mass exceed the speed of light.
    5. I also found that the Moon is much more reflective of sunlight than can be explained by its surface material as shown by the Apollo landing photos.
  2. Physical Proof
    1. After discovering my unproof of Newtonian gravity, I suspected that electricity provided the attractive force that holds the Solar system together. However, year after year Coulombs law (same polarity equals repulsion) stopped me cold. One day I decided to test this "Law" by creating the RenÚ Two Leaf Electroscope. By placing the same polarity and potentials on each plate, the plates repelled as per Coulomb's law. . However, the same polarity but different potential on the separate plates, attracted. Coulombs law needs revision! I now suspect that all the bodies of this system must be at the same polarity but different potential and therefore all the bodies are attracted to the Sun and the respective Moons to their planets.
    2. An object does not need to displace its own mass in order to float. All it needs is to be in a container very close to its size and it will float on lesser volume of displaced water.
    3. My naked eye observed that the zenith produced fewer photons than the horizon. I procured a common light meter and affixed a black tube on it. Then I measured the light in bands of 10 degrees from horizon to zenith in all directions. Starting at the horizon each band of atmosphere produced less photons than the one above it. Obviously, if the Rayleigh Effect was the cause of our bright blue sky then the circle of air surrounding the Sun would be the brightest. It is not! This fluorescing must be caused by Solar radiation on our atmosphere. When we look at a photo of Earth the circumference is bounded by a thin bright electric blue band.

      This also has led me to wonder if the different planetary colors we see are the result of the gasses in their atmospheres being excited by the Sun.

  3. Logical Proof
    1. Our massive Equatorial bulge is a myth proclaimed by our geological gas bags because if true our equator should be constantly shifting due to the movement of huge masses on the surface which change latitude. Gigantic icebergs, dust storms, and the shipping of ores from one place to another changing the line of heaviest mass which should always form the equator. This is the same problem that Newton faced. Then, as now, that line is the great circle between Greenland and the Antarctic.

      I postulate that the Earth is held on its axis by RenÚ bearings that normally hold us steady until torn by an outside source. I can do this with minimal proof as did Newton with his equatorial bulge.

    2. After thousands of years of belief that the Moon circles the Earth, the new theory is that it runs sinousoidal with us. This out right lie was invented by astronomical gas bags to protect Newtonian Gravity and it purports to negate the need for Earth to hold the Moon against the Solar pull. However, since all the other Moons and man made satellites do orbit their parent bodies, and I see no reason to believe this new lie.
    3. Some recently extinct animals found frozen in Arctic soils have descendants that are all tropical animals. Too wit, the woolly mammoth and the woolly rhinoceros. Paleontological gas bags believe that the Arctic was temperate enough to sustain millions of these herbivores. They ignore certain hard facts.

      In one case, mammoths were found with plums in their stomach. The northern most limit for plums is 37 degrees N. Trees, especially fruit trees, can not be grown in the Arctic no matter the temperature. Both trees and grasses need much more sunlight than is provided by a Sun that is not present for six months and very low on the Horizon the rest of the year. This is because each tree and each blade of grass would shade out those to the North with the effect that there could only be one large tree few every hundred yards or one blade every foot or so.

      Mammoths are elephants and elephants eat mostly branches ripped off trees. No forest, no elephants! If adding a bit of fur creates an Arctic specie then the sloth would be found hanging from trees on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.

    4. The astronomical gas bags also claimed that the exploding stars would give off detectable gravity waves. Huge Weber Gravity Detectors were built and when they finally went on line the only thing they detected, besides the occasional heavy truck pounding a nearby road, was a thump exactly twice a sidereal day. Any car mechanic can tell you that a rotating body will thump if out of balance. Tire balancing machines operate on that principle. The Weber Detector's thumps proved only that the Earth was out of balance.
  4. Theories
    1. The immense stones that comprise the city of Tiahuanca was once a sea port with Lake Titicaca its bay. The current elevation is 12,500 feet and both were lifted along with the rest of the Andes Mountains at the same time. Since it didn't happen in this era it had to be one of the previous eras which is now thought of as impossible.
    2. Oceanological gas bags believe that a rift caused the Tsunami in the Malaccan Strait on Christmas 2005. As I wrote to Kate Moran a Rhode Island oceanagrapher, there are only three possible ways to form a Tsunami and a rift in the ocean isn't one of them as that can never do more than cause a ripple in deep water. The forces that can create Tsunami are great uplifts of the sea bottom, tremendous land slides into the ocean, a hit by a comet or the entire Earth physically changing geographic poles.
    3. The Tsunami of Christmas, 2005, was caused by the incredible uplift of the bottom of the Strait of Malacca . Dozens of ships sent in reports that the sea bottoms there had risen three to four thousand feet in many places during this eight minute quake. They reported this to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Bethesda, MD. This story was taken from them by K. P. Schrader of the Associated Press and her article appeared in the Jan. 6, 2006 Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky. The geological gas bags had the story killed to protect our current Geological Paradigm. However, there is no escaping the fact that Tiahuanca was once a seaport.
    4. I have seen pale electrical discharges in the surrounding highlands from the deck of my boat in Red Bank, New Jersey as a hurricane's eye passed overhead. There are also videos of tornado centers which show more intense discharges. Because of this, I believe weather to be an electrical phenomena unlike the climatological gas bags who believe that fronts, warm sea water and barometric changes cause our weather. For instance, if warm water produces a hurricane what produces the great North Easters which are born in icy waters? What force creates the shape, texture and elevations of the clouds? What force drives our weather if not the Sun's radiation on the ionosphere? Or has Project Haarp" taken over this bombardment in Alaska and redirected the polar wind?
    5. The geo-physical year of 1957 found that the net sum of the winds was from west to east. They also found that the net sum of ocean currents flowed the same way. Despite these facts, and the observed slowing down of our rotation during a solar eclipse, the academic gas bags believe that our rotation is due to inertia. Five billion years of it! I believe that the solar wind on the ionosphere controls this and that it is the scrub from the wind that drives the oceans and the scrub of the oceans on the land masses that drive our rotation. How else could our planet slow down and then rapidly regain its old rotational velocity?
    6. Observation of rock strata exposed on every highway ever built show that each layer is different than the layer on top. Therefore, the material was laid down uniformly over a period of time and that this time period constitutes a separate era of Uniformatarianism. I also believe that each era ends with a cataclysm from a hit by an asteroid, a close approach of a celestial body and /or a Roll-over of the Earth which physically changes the position of the poles, and/or area climate. It is likely that a very thin layer of yet different material can be found between some layers.

      In addition the uniform layers are then periodically fractured both laterally and horizontally by incredible Earthquakes caused by these catyclisms.

    7. Although they cannot show the cause, the geological gas bags claim that the Earth's magnetic fields switch every so often. They prove this by using a dip needle on rotary cores bored from the rocks. This method doesn't prove the poles magically switched, only that something happened.

      About 10 years ago I talked my way into the Lamont-Dougherty core warehouse, I assumed that the cores would have been marked by a drill hole to the North side of each core before boring and then I could use a compass to tell whether magnetic switching was involved or it was due to Roll-over. If by magnetic switching, then the south pole of an adjacent layer would always be close to 180 degrees out of phase.

      However, if caused by a Roll-over then most of the new poles would be all over the cores. Because of the lack of north orientation I thought I could do nothing and I left with my tail between my legs.

      Yesterday evening (12/19/06) I suddenly realized that I could have determined the various eras North pole using only a compass. If most magnetic switches are 180 degrees then the academic gas bags are right. If not, then the Earth does Roll-over and this theory becomes a LAW! With this change in the Geological paradigm man's history including the old accounts which we now refer to as mythological must also change.

      Therefore, I will attempt to find a core warehouse near my new home in Indiana and examine a few cores by using small adhesive labels to mark North. Roll-over started this quest about 40 years ago and it's about time we, the academic gas bags and the rest of us, knew the truth.

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