UPDATE: As of November 2011, the all editions of NASA Mooned America will include the previously unpublished essay "COSMIC RAYS by René". This essay was written in late 2007 and was one of René's last writings on the dangers of manned deep space exploration.
This book contains 3 full size, full color NASA photos and 6 more NASA black and whites. It is must reading for those who believe our great father in Washington tells us no lies. It opens the mind and then the eyes because I prove my case by using NASA photos, quotes from the Apollo astronauts and quotes from other government scientists. The new edition has a few appendices added and it has had many minor changes since its first printing in 1992. It uses an 8.5 X 11 inch format and has 206 pages.
This book was originally a series of lectures I wrote for my fellow Mensans in Southwest Florida in 1988. I published it in 1989, and titled it "Mensa Lectures". As soon as the ink was dry on the print run, the "social" organization called MENSA threatened to sue me for taking "their" name in vain. This is discussed in detail in an appendix in the book. The subtitle is "The Book Mensa Tried To Stop". It also uses an 8.5 X 11 inch format and contains 194 pages.
The original run lacked documentation because I mistakenly believed that much of what I wrote about was known by all and that other portions would be self evident. I was wrong! A mind set I came to call the EBS (Emotional Belief System) gets in the way. It took many months of hard work (almost 24-7) to track down and cite the books I had read over a 25 year period but I managed to find most of them. This new edition contains over a hundred references and I also have added a few new chapters. The 178 pages in this book cover many diverse topics and came about because of the years I spent studying scientific anomalies. These studies inadvertently led to a number of discoveries also discussed in my book. My book was specifically written for laymen with an interest in science and it contains:
A large section on civilizations and technologies that were lost
A simple proof using stellar observations and plane trig that Newton's massive Equatorial Bulge is just a figment of Newton's imagination.
A section that reduces Einstein's Relativity to an absurdity.
Information on a very simple instrument, the René two leaf electroscope, that proves Coulomb's law of electrical attraction and Repulsion needs serious modification.
A do-it your self experiment that proves our atmosphere fluoresces instead of scattering blue light.
A simple arithmetic proof that Newton's gravity of attraction of mass for mass is erroneous.
This book has 71 illustrations and 14 humorous cartoons some of which are also a bit bawdy. I don't write for children nor prudes. I guarantee that it will give you things to think about and talk about for the rest of your life.
After seven months spent excersizing futility trying to get an article published which proved that almost everything we have been told about the WTC is a lie, I finally decided to self publish the article and the 34 photos that accompany it. All these photos were found in a full size, full color German magazine special on the September 11, 2001 WTC disaster. Its name is GEO EPOCHE and it is full of photos that we (the American sheeple) were never allowed to see and many span two pages. For those of you who have already read my WTC pamphlet, these photos prove that over 90 % of what I wrote in October 2001 was true.
For instance did you know that:
  1. there were seven steel framed buildings that failed here?
  2. never before had any steel frame building failed?
  3. the top third of the South Tower toppled?
  4. four minutes after the North Tower hit there were no "raging " fires?
  5. at that same time there were survivors clinging to the "hot enough to melt" steel columns and the aluminum facade?
  6. there was no large plane wreckage photographed at either the Pentagon or the Pennsylvania "crash" site.
  7. the 1st EMS people into the area reported that blocks away from ground zero the streets were so loaded with bodies that they were forced to drive over them?
  8. even a 1/2 inch nut dropped from 1,000 feet above your head will kill you or cripple you?
  9. at least one (probably two) subway trains were crushed without warning?
  10. these Towers really did "Implode" from explosives and not from fireand these photos contain absolute proof of this?

This booklet contains 24 - 8 by 10 photos and 10 that are smaller along with 8 pages of text. Like the rest of my mail it is shipped with delivery confirmation because of the incredible rate of loss I used to suffer from Priority Mail.


I have written four novels and many readers have pronounced them to be page turners. They are soft covered on 7 by 8.5 inch paper, and shipped by surface mail. Again, I do not write for children nor prudes.

This is my first detective novel and it features Caitlin O'Sullivan, a tough, brash, bright and bawdy lady detective. This book is not for the faint-hearted, it is for adults who can stand a slice of reality. Most contemporary novels are written by an academic formula that assume that the reader has an attention span limited to milliseconds. Since I also do not write for morons, all my novels have a beginning, a middle and an explosive ending. Unlike most current action stories, my books do not begin with three gun fights, two helicopter crashes and a nuclear explosion. My readers tell me it's a 252 page, page turner that they can't put down until they are too exhausted to continue.
This is my second Caitlin detective story and is 202 pages of excitement. Once again she and a serial killer become enmeshed in a death fight. This time the killer is out to silence Caitlin's new partner. Cait is at her best when the chips are down.
The science fiction story of my youth degenerated into science fantasy a long time ago because of Einstein's theory of relativity. If the theory of relativity were true how could man, monster or alien travel through the vastness of space in some finite period of time without reverting to fantastical methods? Even science has been forced to bring in fantastical theories to explain away observations that contradict today's beliefs. My first science fiction novel utilizes some of my science work (which includes valid attacks on the theory of relativity) and in doing so, in this 276 page book, I bring back the old time science fiction story.
This 298 page book is the sequel to Husa 1. It continues the saga of the men and women spacers from the Druvian system. Many readers have pronounced it to be another page turner.

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